Prime Directive Jazz is a label that was created in 1995 as a means of self publishing recordings and maintaining publishing and copyrights. In 1995 jazz programs on the major labels were in turmoil ultimately leading to the closing of each and every major label jazz program.  It is indicative that in Downbeat magazine's 'Best 100 Records of 2013' there were over 85 different independent labels. In 2014 the tide seems to have finally turned with the restructuring of Blue Note and Impulse including the addition of 'new artist' programs.

Eric Schugren's Silent Pearls' was the first full album to be published on Prime directive.  In that instance the large room at Paramount Studios in Hollywood was utilized for it's stellar Neve mixing console. Coincidentally  WakeUp!, which is the current Prime Directive project, was recorded at Tedesco Studios in New Jersey on a much smaller, but equally lauded Neve mixing console. WakeUp! is a joint publishing effort between Liftoff Records and Prime Directive Jazz, and as was the case with 'Silent Pearls', full use was made of project studios, and the production skills of friends.

Prime Directive Jazz is a label created by and for independent Jazz productions, an outlet for Jazz projects as each reaches its time.